Weekly Wrap Up

here’s the weekly web wrap up of some articles and blogs that you might find interesting:

Jim West points out a new patron saint…I fully endorse this elevation…click here

Brian Dodd on 10 Things to Help you Stay Longer than the Average Pastor…click here

Your College Major is a Minor Issue – developing Critical Thinking Skills…click here

Michael Kruger reviews Rob Bell – well, he did grant him one point…click here

Martin Peilsțcker on the state of archeology in Germany РTroubling stuff here folks. click here

Possibly good news for the most persecuted Christians in the world who live in Karnataka, India, the Hindu nationalist party has been voted out of office. click here

Scot McKnight is hosting an intensive course on women in ministry at Northern Seminary that would be fascinating to sit in regardless of your position on these issues. click here

Credo House is starting a Kickstarter campaign to fund Dr Dan Wallace’s Textual Criticism Course. You should contribute. Personally, I wonder if someone funded the whole campaign if they’d get the actual P66 fragment…click here

Dr Anthony Bradley gives his push back to the missional communities across America. click here

Lisa Robinson gives her perspective on Bradley’s article. click here

Six Components of a Great Corporate Culture click here


In Memorium

Two significant passings for theology and the Church world happened this week.

Geza Vermes from Mark Goodacre

Dallas Willard from John Ortberg