J Dwight Pentecost’s Passing

Apologies again for the delay in posting anything, but I wanted to break into this bit of a posting hiatus to cobble together a quick post about the passing of a significant theological voice.

J Dwight Pentecost has passed away at the age of 99. I never knew Dr Pentecost personally, Pentecostthough only a briefest of greetings while at seminary. However, one cannot deny the influence that Dr Pentecost has had on eschatology in the past half century.

His writings have changed the orientation of modern day “prophecy” schools and refined the theological formulations that they proposed. Dr Pentecost helped craft the image of Dallas Theological Seminary into one of the premiere evangelical theological institutions in the United States.

Many of us have read him, found our disagreements, but also found many things to be thankful for in his works. Dr Pentecost contributed greatly to evangelical eschatology. The Kingdom of God is better for his life and legacy.

Be sure to check out the DTS memorial page