Blogging Sabbatical Over

After a bit of a lay off…well, a long lay off. I’m returning to updating this blog. I’ll provide some occasional, and with no regular pattern, posts covering topics related to church ministry, historical theology, and apologetic discussions among others. As before the focus here is on ministry and theology.First_Sabbatical_Art

Just a personal update, since my last post I’ve been enjoying plenty of transition. Following the completion of my PhD in 2014, I took a new position at University Baptist Church in Houston as the Adult Pastor. My wife and I also welcomed our first child, our son, in May of 2015. We moved across the city and have been enjoying learning about our new ministry and area. During my time off from public blogging, I’ve been enjoying a season of rest after some busy ministry and academic growth. At one point I took an extended social media sabbatical as well and this has been supremely helpful. We are, as a society, far too driven by our self-obsessions and distractions. My time away has been good, but it is also time to re-engage in meaningful discussions.

This blog will still be used for vocational¬†and academic reasons and will stay away from popular click-bait topics. Hopefully I’ll be able to engage in some helpful discussions that benefit the local church and strengthen ministries. Keeping the same title,¬†Pro Ecclesia, is intentional…this blog exists for the Church.