Weekly Wrap Up

It’s been a busy week here and apologies for a day between posts. My theological French is taking a bit more time than anticipated. Nevertheless, here are some links that might be interesting…

Here is some rare video footage of Jim Jones preaching from Matthew Paul Turner. It was a really compelling video to watch.

Over at the Good Book Blog, Dr Gary McIntosh breaks down six central factors that lead to growing churches. Since Dr McIntosh has been part of the church growth movement since its earliest days, his insights are certainly worth reading.

Here’s a Fact Checker from the Gospel Coalition. It asks whether young adults do lose their faith in college at the rate we always hear about. Having done plenty of research in this area and also working with young adults I’ve been dubious as to the stat, if we only use church attendance in our metric we are definitely using the wrong metric.

Near Emmaus has a good interview with Danny Zacharias on his book Surviving and Thriving in Seminary. This is a good book and worthwhile to read whether you’re thinking about seminary, in seminary, and even to help those considering.
Dan Barnes asks if “Blogging is Ministry?” over at SBC Voices. He gives a quick thought about three central practices for any blogger.
I was a pretty big fan of “The Office” on NBC (well, at least before the writers strike and way before Michael left) and always thought Jim Halpert was a great character. Think Christian asks if his role in the last two seasons offers some insight about what a devoted complementarian should look like. I don’t disagree, but check the article its worth your time.
Thanks to Jim West over at Zwingli Redivivus we got to hear about a new smartphone app. There is an app in development that will be able to use augmented reality on your smartphone at archeological sites in Israel to see what that site might have actually looked like in its heyday. That is a pretty great thing.