Weekly Wrap Up

Well after a busy week I have a few links that might be worth perusing. Hopefully these are some things that will encourage and challenge you. Enjoy.

Are senior pastorships that last 20+ bad things? It isn’t often that I disagree with good churchmen like Dr Gary McIntosh, but on this one I respectfully disagree. Long pastor tenures should be the norm. I can’t imagine a greater calling than to serve one people for 20+ years.

Here’s part one of a three part review of Amos Young’s Spirit of Love: A Trinitarian Theology of Grace from Near Emmaus blogger Daniel James Levy. This is a wonderful review worth your time.

In another kinda review, Rob Bowman over at Parchment and Pen reviews the latest John Shelby Spong text The Fourth Gospel: Tales of a Jewish Mystic. I didn’t realize Spong was still publishing, but Bowman does well to cover the essential things in the text and provide a righting commentary.

Nathan Finn has a good post on the challenge of historians when working on revivals historically.

What is a new framework for Customer Segmentation analysis? This Harvard Business Review post is worth your time. I know a lot of churches don’t do segmentation analysis, but we all should. This isn’t about who to reach but about who we are reaching and prioritizing ministry for them.

Millennials are approaching the housing market in different ways than their generational predecessors. Though we aren’t talking about housing, what arises from this piece is how Millennials’ overall financial habits are changing our economy…and likely church giving.


A Few SBC Posts

Since my home denomination of the Southern Baptist Convention had its annual convention, here are a couple of links that might be worth checking out to get some feel for the whole thing. I dropped by, though I didn’t attend any of the sessions. It was good to see many friends.

Over at Between the Times there is a pretty good roundup of some thoughts and videos of leaders talking about the convention.

Out of Ur had a brief blog adding some levity about the confusing Twitter hashtag for the convention.

The always sage insight of a young leader like Jonathan Merritt is important to note. His piece on the decline of the SBC is worth your time.

Dave Miller wonders if the spirit of Houston will last. Specifically, he is looking at the unity and hope which he saw in the meetings.