Weekly Wrap Up

Here’s the weekly wrap up from around the web. Hopefully these will provide some good reads for you.

Michael Hyatt is talking about how shifts in our vocabulary can also shift our attitudes. This is a good read for leaders who struggle with imbedded negativity or defeatism.

Over on Nathan Finn’s blog, he gives a synopsis on the thoughts from noted Baptist historian James Leo Garrett about the future of Baptists in America. There are some really good thoughts here, from both Garrett and Finn.

Will Mancini talks about how Willow Creek is getting back to their 5G strategy. Will always has insightful thoughts about church strategy and here he talks about getting back to what made a movement successful.

For all of my friends who revel in antiquity, maybe the Romans had a better recipe for cement that could be better than what is supporting your dwelling place.

Along these lines, a good joke is pretty hard to find. Maybe the Bible has some examples of a couple of good ones. This blog from Oxford University Press gives some good examples.

Have you ever read the Bible all the way through? Its sort of one of the things that defines a good Christian or a not-so-good Christian in the eyes of many church leaders. Here are some stats on how actual cover-to-cover Bible reading stacks up in the real world.

Here in Houston next week, my home denomination, the Southern Baptist Convention, will be holding their annual convention. In advance of that event, here’s a good piece about whether Baptist groups will ever be able to heal and reunite.

Well, have a great weekend!