Weekly Wrap Up

Here are some links from around the World Wide Web that will bring you joy and frivolity.

Dole-Kemp ’96 Campaign Website – Well the Presidential Campaign Website from the Republican ticket is still up. Now I don’t talk about politics on this site, instead this is more of a journey down memory lane. It’s the digital equivalent of finding a musty old book.

Trevin Wax Interviews Peter Leithart – Here’s a wonderful interview of the author of  Defending Constantine on his new bookBetween Babel and Beast: America and Empire in Biblical PerspectiveIt seems the thesis of the text is evaluating contemporary America alongside biblical examples. Might be an interesting (and clearly non-political) read.

Finding Great Illustrations – ProPreacher.com gives some great insight about going about discovering some great illustrations that will enhance your preaching.

Teaching Theology in a Local Church Setting – The whole is not a seminary, but there’s no reason the local church can’t offer some great theologically based classes. Chuck Lawless gives some suggestions on “how to.”

Here’s a great little piece on encountering Flannery O’Connor – Anytime we can introduce people to the genius of Flannery O’Connor we should take a moment to do so. Here’s your opportunity.

A Former Scientologist Reviews “After Earth” – Well, the title seems to say it all.

Larry Hurtado on the NT’s Literary Environment – A terrific little post on how external literary forms and themes might have influenced the construction of the NT.

Darrell Bock and the Historical Adam – Dr Bock provides some links and a podcast discussion on the current trending topic of the historical Adam.

Millennials are Great Employees, if you Connect with Them – A post from the Harvard Business Review on how employers and connect and leverage their millennial workers. Imagine if we took this information and applied it to our churches.

Finally, the venerable Dr Jim West was posted his Biblical Studies Carnival in Exile which is rife with humor and a plethora of great links. Go there and tell him you want some cotton candy while you read.

And if you get a chance check the other Biblical Studies Carnival from Jeff Carter…who seems to be a far more legitimate version of this fanciful blogfest.

Grace and peace to you all!